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What is Psycotherapy and Counselling?

Psychotherapy and counselling are psychological treatments that can help people suffering with emotional, behavioural and relationship problems. Psychotherapy provides people with a safe, confidential place to talk openly about how they feel and to understand what might be causing their difficulties.

Often when something is very painful, we might try and ignore it and bury it, and then lose sight of it. But difficult experiences from the past can continue to affect the way we feel and behave in the present. Therapy can uncover some of the destructive and unhelpful thoughts and feelings that result from those experiences that may still be driving your behaviours and repeated patterns today.
Starting a short course of counselling or a longer term course of psychotherapy can help you reach a greater understanding of yourself and others, as well as helping you become more aware of other choices open to you.

Psychotherapy, through gaining a deeper self-awareness, can:

* help you feel more at ease with and more accepting of who you are
* enable you to better tolerate your emotional world and life’s ups and downs
* help you to become freer to make choices over your present and future
* improve your capacity to relate to others and yourself

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